Monday, December 15, 2008

Least Common Denominator

OK, lets just get this out into the open. I am a math geek. I always have been and I hope that I always will be. So, that is why the other day, as I was trying to think of why I find talking about wine so enjoyable, I immediately thought about math. Now, before all of you self professed inumerate followers tune out, please hear me out.

There is something about wine that appeals to so many people. People who may have no other common interests, people that work in completely different industries, come from different backgrounds, have different levels of education and never fly in the same circles, can sit together over a glass of wine and use it as a point of connection. It is almost like you can trace their family trees back to a common ancestor. Wine is the master key to the conversation. It is let beverage equivalent of the Least Common Denominator. The thing that, at some level, maybe the lowest level, we all have in common. It is the way that we all just fit.

Sure, it doesn't hurt that wine lowers peoples inhibitions, making it easier to talk. That may have hurt as many relationships as it has helped. And there are certainly times when wine is not appropriate. At least I assume there are. None come to mind right now but there has to be some, right?

Wine is one of the oldest beverages, and has probably change very little over the millenia. It is truly in it's simplest form. That is what makes it so perfect

So, in celebration of math and wine. Here is too you, or maybe us. Find a good friend and a great bottle of wine, or even just a good bottle of wine and a great friend. Or even better, go make a new friend over a bottle of wine.

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