Friday, June 22, 2012

Maybe because it is Friday

I don't know.  Maybe because it is Friday, maybe because I'm on my 4th (5th?) cup of coffee, or maybe because everyone with offices near mine seems to have taken off for 4th of July shutdown 1 1/2 weeks early. But, my mind has wandered off to a place where it goes sometimes and I can't get it off of a particular challenge. Let me share.

Lets say someone, no one in particular, had a couple chickens. And that that someone had an affinity to tinkering with electronics and computers, and liked to put those things into service in non-traditional ways. [#1]

Let me go about this from a different angle. Lets say you wanted to know what a group of chickens were doing during the day, and you didn't want to stay at home all day and watch them [#2]. How could you electronically track said chickens as they wandered around their coup, run and yard [#3]. Of course, this would all be tracked and visible on-line.

I want to know your ideas.

Things I have been thinking about:

a - RFID chips on anklets and multiple detectors, maybe even triangulation using field strength.

b - Modulated LED collars

Any ideas?

[#1] Ask me about a certain java powered hottub, or a keggerator that tweets when tapped, or the "gopher cam"
[#2] Because that would be weird
[#3] Because, the assumption is that this would be less weird than [2]