Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What to name the Keggerator

I don't think this rises to the level of a mid-life crisis, but maybe a midsummer crisis. I am tired of my old, simple, keggerator. It works well but it is, well for lack of a better description, boring.

Recently, I have heard about some of the people at Wired Magazine, who after a few beers at a local brewpub, decided to make their own keggerator and pimp it out. Being the graphics savvy group that they are, they spent a lot of time pimping it out visually. But it seems that other than looking very snappy, with iPhone , Droid phone and X-Box type graphics on it, it doesn't really DO anyting but pour beer.

Not that there is anything wrong with pouring beer, mind you. My existing keggerator (affectionately known as "Keggerator") has been just pouring beers for years and doing it very well. But I now have a bee in by bonnet, or maybe a kink in my line, and I want to seriously upgrade to a keggerator to be proud of.

Like all successful projects, the most important thing to do first is: Come up with a name.

So far, I have come up with:
  • Arnold Schwarzenkegger
  • R2-Beer2
  • Darth Kegger
but there are other names that might better inspire. Can you think of any? Please, take the poll and let me know.

Poll: What should we call our computer enabled keggerator?

More to come. Watch this space