Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 was a full year. Now I am ready for 2010

I was looking back over my end of year post last year. (blog post) It listed things that I accomplished, things I failed to accomplish, and a bunch of things that didn’t really fit into either category.  After looking over last year and comparing it to this year, I realize that they could almost me the same year!

Sure, there have been a few extra things accomplished over the last year, most of them go into the filler category.  This year has been sort of a holding pattern with a few, very notable exceptions.

I had my 30 year high school reunion this year.  That wasn’t a big milestone for me but it reintroduced me to many of my friends from my formative years.  I have got to say: the women of the Indio High class of 79 have aged like fine wine.  We men, well lets just say that we are lagging behind the women of our class.

2009 was the year one of my kids attained their driver’s license.  Now, that is a milestone.  All of a sudden, you as a parent realize what they as your child has known for a few years.  That you are becoming obsolete.  No longer are you required for them to conduct their daily lives and routines.  Sure, you still need to put gas into the car in order for it to have more that 1/93 of a tank, but you certainly are not expected to be seen in public with them anymore.  That tether is severed for good.

The other child, it has become obvious, is no longer a child at all, but actually a young adult.  OK, not quite a young adult yet, with all the baggage and responsibilities that  come with that.  But, over the last year, I have started to realize that the time I have with them here, under my roof, able to sit with them and chat about their daily lives whenever I want to, is approaching an end. 

Soon, they will be heading off to college, facing the larger world and making their marks on it.  This year is the year that this has become apparent to me as more than something that will eventually happen, but as something that is getting closer to happening.

Also this year, the economy completed it’s triple back-flip. Other than some significant belt tightening and sleepless evenings, we have seemed to manage weathering that storm.  I think everyone has emerged a bit wiser for the wear.

I don’t  make resolutions for the new year.  Setting goals for my future seems best done continually and not all stuck artificially at the turning of the calendar year.   But, I have a feeling that 2010 will be transitional.  I am not sure what 2010 has in store for us, but I have that feeling that we should strap in for a ride.

OK, I think I am ready.  Bring it on!