Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I have Vermin (even more)

Mission Accomplished. I took a very nice drive up to Saint Helena and bought a couple
replacement vines to replace the one donated to the gopher god.

Between the gopher bait, the gopher traps, the shovel and probably just the attention, the gopher
has not reared it' head or taken any more plants.

The vines that I got are year old in pots. Not my first choice but maybe it will give them a bit of a head start. In the ground they go. The new plants have a good amount of green leaves on them, probably coming from a greenhouse. In the ground they go.

three days later, I notice there are no leaves. What? A stroll though the vineyard is devastating. All the past couple weeks buds are GONE!!!!!!!!.

I have been hit by a rabbit. Now it is time for Rabbit fence. Arggggg. if it isn't one thing it is the other. Let's just see if we can get these vines growing.