Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Who doesn't love sunshine?

Last week we removed 6 old Monterey Pins that had surrounded the vineyard.
These trees were getting old and were not in the best of health. In addition, some of them had
branches extending over part of the vines which was always worrisome. A strong wind
could have brought down the weakened branch. The placement also cast shadow across
many the vines for much of the day.

With these tree gone, the vines are getting full sun for much more of the day. And, it shows.
I swear that you can see them growing before your eyes. One of the vines has made the trip
from 30" to the 36" trellis in last 4 days. And none too soon too. I was beginning to worry
that the rabbit damage had set the 1 year old vines back so far that some would not reach the
trellis and begin the training out into the cordons. I think that all of them will now at least
reach the trellis early enough that I can being training out the horizontal arms.

Grapes this year?

I had planned on pinching off any clusters this year. Letting the vines concentrate on their
vegetative growth. But they have seemed very resilient to all that has been thrown their way
and with the vigor I see, I may reward them (and myself) with a few clusters on individual
vines that seem up to the challenge. I doubt that I will allow enough to actually include in
a fermentation, but we will see. Maybe I am letting my desire to see the fruit of my labor,
literally, cloud my better judgment to get a good foundation of growth on the young

Stay tuned. I will keep fretting over this all season.