Thursday, February 04, 2010

Apparently, I wasn't ready for 2010

My last blog entry was all about being done with 2009, ready for 2010, and not feeling the need to set any New Years resolutions. I felt that I was ready to tackle 2010 head on and be so completely productive that the World would be my oyster .

Well, judging by the fact that it has been 35 days since that post, and my first entry since then is this one, describing how I have not posted anything, I would have to say that 2010 might need a reboot f0r me.

It has not been a complete loss. A few things have happened that have expanded my horizons, challenged by beliefs, taught me new things, or just tickled my fancy. I have just about finished my first significant application for a new phone platform (and, I have to say, Android ROCKS!) I have found that having a new, 16 year old driver in the house shakes things up quite a bit, and I do mean shake. I finally got those olive trees I have been wanting to try. We will see if I follow though with experiments in curing and/or olive oil over the next couple harvests. And, of course, the new composting experiment we have started. I think a 120 gallon compost digester might prove to be a little small, but we will see.

In any case, I am officially calling a "DO OVER" on the whole New Years thing. Maybe I will even make it official, pick up a bottle of a nice California sparkling wine, and toast the new year, albeit 5 weeks in.

Who's with me? HAPPY NEW YEAR(ish)!!!