Monday, April 13, 2009

Beer Wars - The movie

One Night Only – April 16, 2009
Beer Wars (the movie)

In the battle for the hearts, minds, and drink of choice of the American beer drinker, there is a war.

Documentarian Anat Baron has chronicled the fight to bring real beer to the American beer drinking public and the steps that the much larger beer industry has taken to keep that from your lips. As he calls it, the “Battle in the Bottle”

It is an interesting vehicle that Director Anat Baron is using to show his work. Instead of a smaller release in art theatres around the country, like many documentaries, Mr Baron has set up a deal with a large theater company to show it in 440 theaters simultaneously via live satellite feed all over the country, followed by a live panel discussion with key American craft brewers.

One night only, live April 16th. This may be a complete flop. Or, as I hope it will be, the beginning of a national discussion of what we choose to drink and which corporations get to choose its quality or our tastes.

Find out more about the movie and locations in your community at their website: . Maybe join me for the viewing this Thursday evening.

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