Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beer Tasting - January 2009 - Beer One - Palo Santo Marron

Palo Santo Marron (Holy Tree Brown)
Dogfish Head Brewery

This beer has been aged in 10,000 gallon wood vessels made from South America called Paraguayan Palo Santo

I was not sure what to expect. From the brewery's description, I was expected more chocolate, but that was not found. It seemed closer to an imperial stout in bitterness. Good hop bitterness but not a lot of aromatics. There were citrus overtones, maybe cherry of even mandarin.

The head diminished quite quickly, not enough to be a worrisome. The aroma was nice.

Sweet overtones followed the medium hop floral character. A distinct dark malt character is the dominant aspect of both the aroma and taste.

The really opened up as it warmed. At 60 degrees, it was in it's element.

The alcohol content is 12% APV, which should take it out of the beer catagory for me. But, the alcohol was balanced well with the malt. At that level, the malt was pronounced. Not only in flavor, but in the creamy velvet viscosity.

Vanilla, molasses, wood similar to a California Chardonnay.

The finish was lasting and pleasant.

The only disappointment with this beer is that it tastes so good that you would want more than one, but at 12% and 12 oz, that would probably be the extent of your evening.

I would recommend sharing this between friends.

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