Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Welcome to Googol Grapes and Barley Bytes

This will start off as a repository or such for things related to brewing and winemaking. It will start off a bit without direction, but direction may evolve.

My first batch of Cabernet Sauvignon is aging in glass right now. It has been Crushed, fermented, modified with a MaloLactic bacteria, completed secondary fermentation, oaked, racked a few times and within few days, it will be bottled.

At the same time, I have 5 gallons of a California Pale Ale finishing up and will be racked to it's keg this next weekend. It has been designed with the goal of an IPA similar to the original or early Sierra Nevada. Unfortunately, Sierra Nevada has changed over the years, away from it's original taste and aroma.

The early Sierra was very floral, with a pronounced Cascade Hops nose from dry hopping. In the past, I have used pelletized hops which does not give the aroma. This time, the full 8 days of primary fermentation was done with a full cap of 4 oz Cascade hops floating on top..

I will keep you posted.


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